Local warranty everywhere in the world.

LocalCover is a warranty against product defects in your own country providing repair, replacement, or a refund of the purchase price, for the products you purchase from overseas web retailers.

Global Shopping

Shop around the world for the best product and price selection and rely on LocalCover to provide warranty services in your own country.

Local Warranty

LocalCover gives you warranty services in your country, provided by people in your country, for products you have purchased overseas from our LocalCover retail partners.

Disclaimer Nothing on this site is, or is intended to be an offer or an invitation to buy or sell any goods or services. The LocalCover warranty will only be available for sale online with approved products by sellers to customers in other countries. It will not be available from this site or from any associated party of LocalCover Worldwide Limited. No payment will be made to this site or to us or our associated parties for, or in relation to the warranty.