Local warranty everywhere in the world.

LocalCover is a warranty against product defects in your own country providing repair, replacement, or a refund of the purchase price, for the products you purchase from overseas web retailers.



Global Shopping

Shop around the world for the best product and price selection and rely on LocalCover to provide warranty services in your own country.

Why buy LocalCover?

Choose LocalCover when buying from our retail partners and you will not only get the widest range of competitively priced products, but you will also have the confidence and certainty that comes from knowing you have a LocalCover warranty in your own country when you need it.

LocalCover means you no longer need to be concerned about losing your investment through a product failure. Choose LocalCover and be certain of your local warranty.

What is LocalCover?


LocalCover is a unique warranty against product defects that can be purchased on most types of consumer products sold online and is the solution to the problem of getting local support for products purchased overseas.

Consumers have always been concerned when buying products from overseas countries that while they have greater choice and may enjoy significant savings there is always the question of what will happen if the product develops a fault after delivery. LocalCover is the complete answer to that question.

LocalCover makes buying from overseas retailers like buying from the retailer next door if your product has a fault. If there is a warrantable fault with your product you will not need to waste time and money trying to get help from overseas or in your own country. LocalCover will take care of you locally.

LocalCover commences the moment you receive your goods from your online retailer in good working order and continues for the period of cover you bought at the time of sale.

How can I get LocalCover?

Buying LocalCover is very easy.

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Shop as usual at your favourite overseas web retailer and you will see the LocalCover logo appear for items for which you can buy LocalCover in your country.

Select the LocalCover logo to see all the details of cover for that item including the length of cover you wish to purchase.

Add LocalCover to your shopping basket and complete your purchase.

LocalCover will immediately email you a link to confirm your transaction details and if you select the link it will take you directly to the LocalCover customer registration portal where you can create a profile for all your online shopping with LocalCover.

Whenever you buy LocalCover using the email address you used on your first purchase you will receive a confirmation email, but for your convenience all of those subsequent purchases will be automatically added to your profile.

Local Warranty

LocalCover gives you warranty services in your country, provided by people in your country, for products you have purchased overseas from our LocalCover retail partners.

What is the LocalCover promise?

LocalCover works with our online retail partners to ensure you receive the best warranty services in your own country. If we cannot repair your product we will offer you a replacement or a refund of your original purchase price for the cover period of your LocalCover warranty.

Where is LocalCover available?

LocalCover can only be purchased from our online retail partners outside your country. Where LocalCover is available, the LocalCover logo will also be displayed and you can select it to see the range of benefits available for that product.

The number of countries supported, and the range of products to which LocalCover can be applied, is constantly expanding so be sure to look out for the LocalCover logo as you shop.

How do I claim under LocalCover?


LocalCover is a warranty with local services where your product fails or develops a fault in normal use. LocalCover does not affect your online retailer’s terms. So, for example if you simply want to return your product or exchange it for something else, you deal with your retailer under their terms and conditions.

When you want to make a warranty claim simply go to your profile in LocalCover using the link we provided when you made your purchase. If you have lost that link just use the email address you used when you made your purchase of the product and LocalCover.

Your LocalCover profile has a range of functions and options including the ability to make claims.

Just follow the easy steps and LocalCover will connect you with a local repairer for fault diagnosis and repair. If local diagnosis is not practical we will tell you the other options to speedily resolve your claim.

Small items may need to be dropped off at a local repairer, or in some cases may be collected from you by a courier we will arrange. Large or installed items will usually need to be inspected and potentially repaired on site.

About us

LocalCover was created to provide local warranty worldwide.


Our mission

To deliver LocalCover customers the highest quality local warranty services possible for their overseas purchases online.

Our goal

To make your international purchase experience feel like, and indeed actually be like, making a local purchase from a shop in your own town. We will deliver local warranty services of high quality so that consumers feel they have the freedom to buy overseas with the peace of mind of local help when product faults occur.

Service standards

Because LocalCover is able to cover virtually anything you can purchase over the internet and claims can occur in many different countries, the standard service times for each are specific to your circumstances of sale and purchase.

LocalCover will seek to be at least equal to the best available local service standards for similar products bought within your country.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this site is, or is intended to be an offer or an invitation to buy or sell any goods or services. The LocalCover warranty will only be available for sale online with approved products by sellers to customers in other countries. It will not be available from this site or from any associated party of LocalCover Worldwide Limited. No payment will be made to this site or to us or our associated parties for, or in relation to the warranty.

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